Idaho's Attorney General and Governor must stand up to the Federal Government. Tell them to stop nuclear waste shipments from Hanford, WA, and other states, which threaten Idaho's clean water and safe roadways. 

Potentially flammable or explosive nuclear waste has never been tested for safe transport over public roads and rails, yet it's set to be trucked through Boise and Twin Falls on I-84. What's more, there's no guarantee that this nuclear waste would ever leave Idaho.

Back in the1950s, Idaho was a dump for some of the most dangerous nuclear waste in the country. Historical contamination of the Snake River Aquifer—the sole source of drinking water for one-fifth of Idaho's population—means that radioactive isotopes from this waste will eventually reach the Magic Valley's drinking water. 

Untested, potentially flammable or explosive nuclear waste doesn't belong on Idaho's public highways, let alone in the drinking water of future generations.



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